This is for a ritual to return love to your side! Have you separated and wanted to reunite with the one you truly love? This is the ritual for you!

I used crystal infused homemade candles for the rituals and my special blends of returning love oils and relaxing to use the Laws of Attraction to help bring your true love back to you!! This should not used for any malicious purposes and is purely for the sake of uniting people with their true twin flames and soulmates.

I will perform a fame spell that works so well, you will become universally well-known with mass amounts of wealth and fame.

If you did not know, celebrities that we admire commonly use black magic to propel their careers and be put into the spotlight.
Wherever you go, your good reputation will precede you.

People will think well of you and you will be admired. This spell is perfect for aspiring musicians, actors / actresses, entrepreneurs, social media influencers and anyone that already has a passion for whatever they choose. You will be at the right place, at the right time allowing for these events to occur, to propel you into stardom.

The power of this ritual has been used for thousands of years to get rid of material debts. It was used by many famous people of our time, and in the past, merchants, kings, kings, and other rulers got rid of large debts.

The power of this spell is so strong that with its help, people regained enormous wealth and territories. The energy of the ritual is finely tuned for debt relief in two ways. The first opens up cash flows into a person’s life. You start to receive salary increases, enter into lucrative contracts, expand your business or win the lottery.

This money spell relies on the focused channeling of energy fields around & within a person to increase their magnetism to wealth. Once this energy transformation is complete you will attract people and circumstances which will lead you to unparalleled financial successes.

So what I can do to help? I have mastered the ancient Egyptian art of casting this forgotten spell to attract wealth. This is going to change your fortunes for once and for all because you will never have to worry about money again.

This is a POWERFUL reconciliation love spell to make your ex lover return to you PERMANENTLY. HE/SHE will be drawn back to you with only thoughts of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Any arguments or differences will be FORGOTTEN completely.

Even if your ex is dating someone else, my spell is still Effective, I will use incantations to light the flame of love between you, let him miss your past and romance, let him regret leaving you, through my binding incantations, I will tie your thoughts and consciousness together, I will create trouble and obstacles for your rival, let your rival retreat from your world, so that your lover will come back to you.

This is a white spell that will not harm you and will will guarantee your conception as I am making this using my ability to speak with the spirits world during my meditation so I can ask them to look in to your situation and send a help to get dream fulfilment.

This will include to get successful conception without future miscarriage or pregnancy problems as well as this pregnancy will be healthy and with a healthy child.

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